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Jean the Hornmaster



All Blowing and Combination horns now come with a Leather Harness

To have a look at some of the products I make and sell, please go to my
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I work with raw materials however, some things I can not or do not manufacture or produce.
For instance, Flint, antler, knife blades, steel (especially stainless steel), horn, brass etc.
However, I put in the workmanship, by hand, to make the finished product - to manually put it all together properly.
Some component parts are sourced locally and some are sourced from lands near and far away.

Email: jeanX@XhornmasterX.Xcom (Remove the X's)

The Celtic and Viking races are the inspiration for the products I produce and recreate. The craftsmanship of the Celts' and the Vikings' are the basis for my inspiration.

Like my ancestors before me, my products are produced from traditional materials such as horn, antler, bone, leather, metal and wood. The transformation from raw material to the fine beauty in the finished article is by copying the almost lost art of the skilled craftsman before me. I realize and appreciate just how talented and skilled these ancient craftsmen were and I try to re-create those skills in each work of art that I create.
I have worked with the raw materials for a number of years and have never stopped learning and discovering more and more about the lost skills of the craftsman of the past.

I am Australian with Scottish origins. When working with horn, I feel I am in touch with my ancestors. The texture and the beauty of the horn in its multitude of colours ranging from deep black to blood red and pristine white, combined with the gold colours of the metalwork, creates artifacts of practicality and beauty that will last a lifetime.

I have many other medieval products all lovingly crafted. Please go to my product and photo gallery.

Please inquire with any questions at the email on this page.

I live in Queensland, Australia. I try to make the items I work on equal to or as close as possible to the quality of the craftsmen from yesteryear.

Jean the Hornmaster & Insignia